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With so many choices and so much at stake, choosing a lawyer to defend you against a criminal charge is no small task. A quick Google search of the term “Chicago criminal attorney” will yield pages upon pages of criminal law firms, each one claiming to be the best. So how do you choose the best criminal lawyer for your case? There are several factors you should look for when picking the defense attorney who is right for you, including:

Experience: When choosing your lawyer, you should look for a defense attorney who has experience defending cases like yours. The Illinois criminal justice system is complex, and the laws may vary vastly from crime to crime. You need a criminal lawyer who can offer seasoned insight into your particular case and who is aware of effective defense strategies for the specific type of crime you are facing. Ideally, you'll want a lawyer who has worked as both a prosecutor and a defender, because this is the type of attorney who will understand how your opposition thinks and operates.

Resources: A good defense attorney will have access to extensive resources and witnesses, from experts who can weigh in on your case to private investigators who will explore the circumstances of your alleged crime more closely. A top attorney will also be backed by a team of highly qualified paralegals and professionals.

Past successes: Any attorney can claim to be the best, but only a past history of successful cases can indicate a truly exceptional lawyer. Before hiring an attorney, be sure to look into their case results. A quality lawyer will provide this information proudly and readily.

If you are looking for a law firm with experience, resources, and the history of successful cases to prove it, consider your search over. Over the years, Howard J. Wise has built professional relationships with judges, juries, and prosecutors across the country, and he uses his connections to the advantage of his clients. Additionally, Mr. Wise and his legal team at the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates have decades of experience working as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and they have obtained numerous victories in nearly every type of case imaginable. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, you'll find the talent, experience, and individualized attention you need to achieve a successful outcome for your case.

Howard J. Wise: From Former Prosecutor to Top Chicago Criminal Lawyer

Our founding attorney Howard J. Wise can trace his roots in the Chicago criminal justice system back to 1997, when he began working in the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. Mr. Wise quickly earned a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with, handling tough cases such as criminal appeals, murders, and felonies with expertise and insight.

Over the years, Mr. Wise has gained experience fighting for both the prosecution and the defense, bringing numerous bench and jury trials to victories. Having had the opportunity to work on both sides of the courtroom, Mr. Wise was able to develop a unique understanding of how the prosecution thinks and acts.

Today, Mr. Wise pulls from his unique history to defend clients accused of crimes in Chicago and beyond. He is recognized in courtrooms across the state for his innovative defense strategies and fearless tactics, and widely respected for his commitment to both justice and integrity. Mr. Wise has been known to take on some of the most complex and seemingly hopeless cases with success, never shying away from a challenge or complicated situation. Howard J. Wise will be a compassionate and supportive guide to you when building your defense, and a fierce and powerful ally in the courtroom.

A Chicago Defense Lawyer Experienced in Many Different Areas of the Law

There are an overwhelming number of different criminal charges in Illinois, and each one is accompanied by its own set of unique laws and penalties. A skilled attorney with experience in your particular type of charge will be able to craft the best defense strategy possible and work to have your charges reduced or dropped.

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise, Mr. Wise and his professional team have years of experience defending clients facing a comprehensive array of criminal charges, including:

While each one of the aforementioned criminal charges is unique, they all share one thing in common—the potential for severe, lifelong consequences. Even conviction for seemingly minor crimes can be penalized with lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. But perhaps the most devastating consequence of all is the stain a criminal conviction will leave on your permanent record. Even after you have completed any other penalties that you incur, a criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life, making it difficult to obtain a job, secure housing, and successfully apply for a loan.

Don't gamble with your freedom, finances, and future by choosing anything less than a top law firm with a history of success. Representation from the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise could mean the difference between you walking free or spending time behind bars.

Start Building Your Best Defense with a Chicago Criminal Attorney Who Cares

When you join forces with the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise, you can rest assured that you are teaming with some of the top legal professionals in the nation. Our attorneys are unsurpassed when it comes to experience, resources, and past victories.

Contact one of our offices to begin working on your case today. As soon as you get in touch, a highly qualified defense attorney will listen to the specifics of your case before helping you understand the charges facing you and explaining your options. Once you decide to work with the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise, our legal team will begin investigating, securing witnesses, and building a custom defense strategy.

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