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Do's & Dont's When Pulled Over

Chicago DUI Lawyer

Helpful “Dos and Don'ts” to Follow if You are Pulled Over for DUI

Have you been pulled over for DUI anywhere in the Chicago area? In addition to contacting a Chicago DUI attorney as soon as possible, we have some helpful “do's and don'ts” to follow if you are ever pulled over for suspected drunk driving. Following these basic tips may have a positive impact on your ability to avoid an arrest or formal charges or to start laying the groundwork for a more effective DUI defense strategy.

DO pull over to the side of the road in a safe manner.

DO provide the officer with your license, registration and insurance information.

DO be polite and courteous in all of your communication with the officer.

DO get out of the vehicle if the officer asks you to do so.

DO exercise your right to remain silent if you are arrested.

DO immediately request to contact your lawyer if you are arrested.

DO write down everything that happened once you get home; taking detailed notes while these events are fresh in your mind can help you and your attorney fight your charges.

DON'T engage in a conversation with the officer regarding where you were going, how much you have had to drink, etc. Politely decline to answer incriminating questions.

DON'T agree to field sobriety tests or a roadside breath test. You have the right to politely decline these tests.

DON'T argue with the officer or act in an aggressive manner if he or she places you under arrest.

DON'T try to talk your way out of an arrest by offering information or making statements about how much you have had to drink. You may only end up saying something that can be used against you at a later date.

DON'T agree to questioning after your arrest when taken to the police station. Instead, renew your request for an attorney and remain silent.

For more helpful tips and to discuss your particular case, contact a Chicago DUI attorney at our law offices today!