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Chicago DUI

In Chicago, the justice system can be a blur. If you have been charged with a DUI, it can be overwhelming to navigate large courthouses, obtain DUI screenings, or even track down your police report. And regardless of whether you are intimidated by the process, the reality is that you could face serious consequences for a Chicago DUI even if it is your first offense.

To better understand the potential consequences and learn about how you can fight the charges against you, we have summarized the courthouses, law enforcement agencies, and jails you may encounter in a Chicago DUI case. For more in-depth questions, it helps to discuss your case with an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Howard J. Wise & Associates as soon as possible to get the answers you need.

Chicago Courthouses

Chicago falls under the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. One of the largest counties in the state, there are a number of courthouses in the Chicago area. However, when it comes to DUI charges there are two primary courthouses that are important to know: The Richard C. Daley Center and the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.

Richard C. Daley Center

The Richard C. Daley Center is the primary traffic court for the City of Chicago. The enormous courthouse is home to the majority of traffic cases in Chicago, including most misdemeanor DUIs. The Daley Center is located at 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Leighton Criminal Courthouse

Named the George N. Leighton Criminal Courthouse, this Cook County Criminal Court is better known as “26th and Cal” due to its location at the corner of 26th and California streets. This iconic courthouse has appeared in the movie The Untouchables and looks the part of a historic criminal courthouse. The Leighton Criminal Courthouse is located at 2650 S California Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. If you are charged with a felony DUI, your case will be heard at this courthouse.

Chicago Law Enforcement

Chicago is well known for its police department, to the point that it is the subject of multiple TV shows over the years. But Chicago PD isn't the only law enforcement agency in the city. Chicago is also patrolled by state and county-level law enforcement agencies. Below are the agencies that you are most likely to be arrested by if you face DUI charges in Chicago.

Illinois State Police

The Illinois State Police is the statewide police force for the State of Illinois. The Illinois State Police was founded in 1922 with the original purpose of upholding traffic laws in unincorporated parts of the state. In modern times, however, the State Police assist other law enforcement agencies across the state. Chicago is served by the Chicago District of the Illinois State Police.

Cook County Sheriff's Office

The Cook County Sheriff's Office is the county-wide law enforcement agency in Chicago. The sheriff's office is responsible for standard law enforcement purposes and also operates the Cook County Jail. The Sheriff's office is located in the Daley Center at 50 W. Washington, Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Police Department

The largest law enforcement agency in the city of Chicago is the Chicago Police Department. Chicago was first authorized to have a police force in 1835. Since then, the department has grown from a three-man police force to employing more than 13,000 people across the city. The police department is headed by the Superintendent of Police, who is appointed by the Mayor of Chicago.

The police department takes driving under the influence seriously, and they regularly operate DUI saturation patrols across the city. These saturation patrols involve a large number of patrolling officers descending into one area of the city. In addition to seeking out intoxicated drivers, the patrols also focus on speed and safety belt violations.

Chicago Jails

The Cook County Jail, also known as the Cook County Department of Corrections, is sprawling complex that covers 96 acres within Chicago. The jail spans more than 8 blocks and has more than 6,000 inmates at any given time. Each year, more than 100,000 inmates come through the doors of the jail. The Jail is located at 2700 South California Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

What a Chicago DUI Lawyer Can Do For You

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Chicago, there is no guarantee it will result in a conviction. With a defense attorney that will zealously advocate for you, it is possible you may prevail at trial and avoid a DUI conviction. To discuss your case with an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer, contact The Law Office of Howard J. Wise & Associates today.