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Juvenile Crimes

Chicago Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Protecting Juveniles with Strong Defense

In Illinois, most crimes or offenses committed by individuals under the age of 18 are addressed in the Juvenile Court system. However, under Public Act 1031 a minor aged 17 may be tried as an adult if the criminal charge involves a felony. This is stated as follows:

” Delinquent minor” means any minor who prior to his or her 17th birthday has violated or attempted to violate, regardless of where the act occurred, any federal or State law, county or municipal ordinance.

Any minor who prior to his or her 18th birthday has violated or attempted to violate, regardless of where the act occurred, any federal, State, county or municipal law or ordinance classified as a misdemeanor offense.

The above law expands the range of what is termed “automatic transfer” whereby any serious crime, such as murder, that was committed by a minor would be automatically transferred from the more lenient juvenile courts to full trial as an adult offender. The passage of this Public Act is in line with the growing trend for harsher treatment of juvenile offenders and this is extended down to even relatively minor infractions. The proper defense by an aggressive and knowledgeable Chicago criminal defense lawyer is vital.

Getting Help for your Child: Chicago Juvenile Crime Lawyer

The underlying philosophy behind Juvenile Law is that society would deal more leniently with minors and assist them onto a higher path in life. We at the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates firmly back this ideal and feel it is our duty as well to assist juveniles throughout the Chicago area to the greatest possible extent. In our years in criminal law we have represented numerous juvenile clients and understand fully that their best chance for a better future is not harsh punishments or incarceration.

We stand ready to help and urge that you contact a Chicago juvenile crime attorney without delay. We accept your calls 24/7 and are here to assist you!