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Chicago Forgery Attorney

About Forgery Charges

Forgery is defined as the crime of fabricating a false document, illegally altering a document or writing the signature of another person on a document in order to benefit illegally. Forgery can be charged as a Class 3 felony in Chicago and may be punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Whether handling a case charged at a state or federal level, we are committed to providing a compelling defense for our clients.

Forgery is a serious offense and only a highly skilled and experienced Chicago criminal attorney should be trusted with your case. With our experience as former prosecutors and having handled thousands of cases from both sides of the criminal process, we can review your case immediately and advise you of your rights and the most beneficial course of action. There are many successful defenses available in a forgery case, such as lack of knowledge or illegally obtained evidence. In a forgery case, the prosecution must not only prove the document was false or forged, but that the defendant also was fully aware that the document was fraudulent.

Forgery of Checks: How a Chicago Lawyer Can Help

A specific type of forgery involves checks. Check forgery consists of presenting a forged check to a bank to cash. In some of these cases, the person in possession of the check may be completely unaware that the check was manufactured or originally stolen. Unfortunately, the person presenting the check may be charged. The details surrounding the situation must be carefully evaluated to determine how to handle the case and increase the possibility of a dismissal or acquittal.

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, we will aggressively defend the rights of our clients against all odds. Our firm consists of former criminal prosecutors who have prosecuted countless criminal cases in Chicago and the surrounding cities and counties. This kind of experience can dramatically affect the outcome of your case. Having an attorney who knows exactly how the other side works may help to greatly reduce or eliminate any charge of fraud. Our lead attorney has over 12 years of experience in criminal law. Don't risk your future by going to a less experienced attorney. We provide a free consultation to all of our clients.

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