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Internet & Computer Crime

Internet and Computer Crimes and Homeland Security

The laws regulating internet and computer activity are complex, with new laws enacted on a regular basis. White collar crimes, fraud and child sex crimes are the most common charges that violate federal and state laws regarding the internet and computers. In the face of any of these charges or even initial investigation, it is essential to have a Chicago criminal attorney in your corner who is knowledgeable and can competently handle internet crimes at the state or federal level. An internet crime charge can even be serious enough to involve Homeland Security. Your Chicago criminal defense lawyer should be highly experienced and fully committed to protecting your interests and future. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, our attorneys are experienced in defending clients in Chicago and throughout Cook County and the surrounding areas who are involved with even the most complex internet and computer crimes.

Information Regarding Computer and Internet Crimes in Chicago, IL

An individual can unknowingly violate the law governing internet activity without being aware of any infraction. Contact by law enforcement may be the first indication that there was a crime committed. Some accusations surrounding charges of computer and internet crimes include:

  • Computer intrusion or hacking, identity theft, password trafficking, computer infectors
  • Internet crimes against children, child pornography, enticement, solicitation or exploitation
  • Chain letters, charity scams, advance fee scams, business opportunity fraud
  • Business fraud including commodities fraud, selling of counterfeit goods, check fraud
  • Trafficking of illegal drugsweapons, explosives or stolen property
  • Harassment, threats or terrorism

All of the aforementioned crimes and many others fall into the category of internet and computer crimes. If convicted of one of these offenses, a defendant may face incarceration, large fines, community service, and/or court-ordered counseling programs. It is therefore crucial to contact a lawyer who is skilled in the defense of criminal charges. A lawyer can challenge the search and seizure of a computer and question the legality of the manner in which evidence was collected, processed and more. Establishing whether any rights violations occurred and challenging the validity of evidence presented by a prosecutor are essential components in a defense. It is important to make an appointment today with one of our qualified criminal defense lawyers to review your charges.

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