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Drugs & DUI

Drug-Related DUI in Chicago, Illinois

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

While many may associate DUI (driving under the influence) charges with alcohol, this is not always the case. “Driving under the influence” covers both excessive alcohol consumption and the use of controlled substances such as marijuana and other recreational drugs. It may even include prescription and over-the-counter medication. To properly address charges of this kind, it is important to work with a Chicago criminal defense attorney who understands all aspects of DUI of drugs charges in the Chicago area.

Just as with a drunk driving conviction, a drug-related DUI offense can have a very powerful and negative effect upon your life. Law enforcement and prosecutors in Chicago and throughout the state are very strict in their enforcement of DUI laws. Even first time offenders are treated with severe consequences such as the possibilities of heavy fines, a 12-month suspension of your driving privileges and even up to one year behind bars. The situation can become far worse if there are other aggravating circumstances such as:

One other thing to note is that since 2006 it has been the law that if you are caught driving under the influence without a valid driver's license or without insurance, the case will be treated as a felony offense, even for a first timer. A felony conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life and it is very critical that you seek out a Chicago DUI lawyer who has a long proven record of defending clients against these exact charges.

Statutory Summary Suspension for Drug DUI in Chicago

When you are stopped by a police officer who suspects that you are driving under the influence of drugs, you may be asked to submit to a blood or urine test to determine the presence and concentration of controlled substances. If you test positive for drugs, you may be charged with DUI. Charges can also be brought against you if you refuse to submit to testing or fail to complete testing. What this triggers, regardless of other actions, is a SSS or Statutory Summary Suspension – the administrative suspension of your driver's license.

One of the first things we will do in the face of your charges is take action to protect your driving privileges as we also work to keep you out of jail. Contact a Chicago DUI lawyer at our firm to talk about your case.