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A Top Chicago Criminal Attorney with the Track Record to Prove It

Before Howard J. Wise became the nationally respected and renowned criminal defense attorney he is today, he was a bright young law student with a passion for criminal justice. This served him well in his time as a prosecutor, but it has been even more valuable since he decided that his time was better spent protecting people's rights and preventing unjust convictions.

Since 2001, Mr. Wise has been helping people in the Greater Chicago Area to defend themselves against overzealous policing and prosecution and making sure that every single one of his clients gets the best defense possible.

During his time in the criminal justice system, Howard J. Wise has been able to work with cases in nearly all areas of criminal law, including murderassaultinternet and computer crimescriminal appealstraffic casesmisdemeanors, and felony cases, bringing countless bench and jury trials to successful outcomes. His diverse criminal justice background has given him a unique insight into how the other side operates, and he knows how to create defense strategies that anticipate prosecutors' tactics and call them into question.

While working in federal and Illinois courts, Mr. Wise developed connections around the country, from judges to prosecutors to law enforcement officers. Throughout the criminal justice system, Mr. Wise is respected for his resourceful defense strategies and commitment to justice.

With Howard J. Wise on your side, you can rest assured that you are allying with one of the toughest criminal attorneys in all of Chicago and the state of Illinois. To learn more about Mr. Wise's work and history, check out some of the examples of his successful cases below. Or, call 312-345-6604 to consult with Howard J. Wise about your own case.

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