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License Suspension / Revocation

Chicago License Suspension Attorney

About License Suspension/ Revocation and DUI

A person who has been arrested for any DUI offense will be subject to an automatic suspension of driving privileges by the Illinois Secretary of State. The arresting officer will send paperwork to the Secretary of State. Upon receiving it the Secretary will automatically suspend your license and mail a notice to you. This is called a Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS). It is called a summary suspension as it happens without a court hearing. The suspension ordinarily goes into effect 46 days after the date of your arrest, but under some circumstances it may take longer.

If you are facing a summary suspension you need the help of a Chicago DUI attorney who has proven success and is committed to defending you from suspension. There are ways to avoid suspension; a competent attorney at our law offices can assist you with this.

Defense Options: License Suspension in Chicago

A Chicago DUI arrest is typically made after a failed or refused breathalyzer test, after which the officer will give you a copy of the Notice of Summary Suspension and will send a copy to the Secretary. The length of a suspension depends upon whether you submitted to or refused to take a test and whether you have had a DUI conviction in the last five years. If you have not been convicted of DUI within the last five years and your test showed a blood alcohol level .08% or more, your suspension will last 6 months. If you refused to participate in the test, your suspension will last 12 months. If you have had a DUI in the last five years and refused to take the test, your suspension will last 36 months or 12 months if you submitted to and failed the test.

You have the right to challenge the summary suspension, but your petition for a court hearing must be filed within 90 days of the notice date. Our team will work quickly to file the petition and will then fight to preserve your driving privileges. We understand the importance of protecting your license from suspension or revocation.

For many people such as truck drivers, chauffeurs and others, driving is involved in earning their living. It is important to protect your license to drive. Contact a Chicago license suspension lawyer at our law offices today and find out how we can help you!