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Have you been arrested for manslaughter or murder?

Murder and manslaughter charges both involve illegal actions that result in loss of life. Whether you have been charged with manslaughter or murder, you should understand that either offense is extremely serious and if you are convicted, your future will likely include years or even a lifetime in prison. It is critical that you immediately contact a Chicago criminal lawyer from our firm to begin handling your case. The sooner you contact an attorney, the more time there is to build a compelling defense on your behalf. The first crucial step is a thorough investigation into the evidence against you.

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, our attorneys will fight relentlessly to obtain an acquittal for our clients in the face of manslaughter and murder charges. Every case has possibilities for a defense, and determining the most compelling strategy to employ in your case must be done at once. Our attorneys have tried many cases both as prosecutors and defense attorneys. Anyone who has been charged with murder or manslaughter will greatly benefit from having an attorney that has experience on both sides. Whether the case is mistaken identity, self-defense or another situation, it is vital that the full protection of your rights starts immediately. Do not discuss the case with anyone, including family members, other inmates or investigators. It is absolutely critical that you remain silent about the case, no matter how much you want to discuss it. Many have damaged their own defense case by trying to convince others that they are innocent or making statements while under duress.

Defense for Murder and Manslaughter Charges in Chicago, IL

Manslaughter is essentially the accidental or intentional killing of another. Voluntary manslaughter includes the intent to kill. This is a lesser charge than murder and is usually filed in cases of crimes of passion. Involuntary manslaughter is a charge brought against someone who has no intention to kill and yet someone was fatally injured such as in car accident cases.

Murder is the taking of another's life with malice aforethought. This means that the killing was carried out after a certain amount of premeditation and planning. It is a deliberate act and therefore the penalties are far more severe. Whether you have been accused of murder or manslaughter, you have a long road ahead of you and the actions you take now can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Having a highly experienced criminal defense attorney from our firm by your side can greatly affect the results inside and outside of court.
Contact a Chicago murder lawyer at our firm today if you have been arrested for murder or manslaughter – we can fight for you!