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Possession of a Controlled Substance

Drug Possession Lawyer in Chicago

Have you been charged with possession of a controlled substance in Chicago?

Possession of a controlled substance is a drug crime related to illegally possessing a controlled substance. This may include not only illegal street drugs but prescription drugs as well, if they are found in one's possession without a valid prescription. Like other drug offenses, possession of a controlled substance is a serious offense that may carry steep penalties if a defendant is convicted. It is therefore crucial to involve a Chicago criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

For experienced and dedicated legal counsel, you can turn to the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates. We are driven to aggressively defend our clients' rights in the face of possession of controlled substance charges, using our experience in state and federal court and our backgrounds as former prosecutors to achieve the best possible results. Our familiarity with local courthouses and our experience on both sides of the criminal justice system helps our team handle cases related to the possession of:

Chicago Drug Possession Attorney in Chicago

The penalties for possession cases often vary depending on the type of drug found, the amount of the drug in the person's possession, and other relevant circumstances. They can include probation, mandatory drug counseling/treatment, property forfeiture, and lengthy prison sentences. You need a competent lawyer by your side if you are to have any chance of avoiding these, and our firm is prepared to provide you with the help you need.

If you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, now is the time to act. Contact a Chicago drug possession attorney at our firm today and you will have our extensive knowledge and experience on your side.