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Field Sobriety Test

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There are a series of tests – or more accurately “physical exercises” – to test one's mental and physical abilities after an arrest for suspected drunk driving. Police officers in Chicago and throughout the U.S. conduct these to determine the sobriety level of an individual and therefore ascertain whether they are capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. There are three such tests considered as “standard” tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • The “Nystagmus” (this is a medical term referring to involuntary eye movement) field test. This is conducted by holding a stationary object, such as a pen, about one foot from the subject's eyes. The object is then moved from side to side. The officer will observe the subject's eyes to detect involuntary movements such as twitching. This involuntary eye movement is an indication of intoxication.
  • The “Walk and Turn” is conducted to check an individual's balance and ability to follow instructions. It is an assigned task of taking multiple steps, heel-to-toe, along a line then a halting with a turn. The individual then returns to the starting point. The officer will be attentive to inabilities to maintain a straight line, to count the necessary number of steps, to execute a turn while maintaining balance and so forth.
  • The “One Legged Stand” requires the individual to raise one foot about six inches off of the ground, keep their arms to their side and maintain the position while the officer counts out to 30.

In addition there are many other field sobriety tests, called “non-standardized” that an officer may ask for such as closing one's eyes and performing a nose touch. There can be many arbitrary assessments made as the result of such tests and these can are so subjective that they are not even admitted in court. A Chicago DUI attorney with the experience and background in defending many clients will understand and know exactly what to look for in order to invalidate poor evidence.

Field Sobriety Tests: Defending DUI Cases in Chicago

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