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DUI Defenses

Challenging Drunk Driving Charges

A common misconception associated with DUI charges is that a driver will be found guilty or should simply accept a plea bargain after a failed breath or blood test. The truth is that there are a number of different ways that an experienced attorney may be able to successfully challenge driving under the influence charges, even in the presence of physical evidence and testimony by the arresting officer of the driver's alleged intoxication. With the right approach, your lawyer may be able to have evidence suppressed or question the validity of the officer's testimony regarding your behavior and performance on field sobriety or chemical tests.

At our Chicago criminal defense law firm, we have handled thousands of DUI cases – from both sides of the criminal process. We are experienced former prosecutors and have the knowledge of field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests and blood tests to understand exactly how these work, what faults they have, and where common mistakes or violations lie in police procedure. We will look at your case from every possible angle, utilizing forensic and medical professionals as necessary to act as expert witnesses and private investigators to carefully review every aspect of the matter. We will aggressively cross-examine the officer who made your arrest to reveal discrepancies in his or her testimony. A Chicago DUI lawyer from our team will do everything in our power to fully protect your legal rights.

Following are some issues that may play an important role in our ability to build an effective defense against your Chicago DUI charges:

  • A breathalyzer device that was improperly calibrated or was not maintained according to state standards;
  • An arrest that was made without establishing probable cause that the driver was “under the influence” of alcohol or drugs;
  • An improperly administered breath or blood test;
  • A mishandled blood sample;
  • Field sobriety tests that were incorrectly administered or graded; or
  • External factors that may have influenced the driver's performance on field sobriety tests, such as a physical injury, illness or even the shoes the driver was wearing at the time of testing.

Find out more about how we can fight to protect your freedom and driving privileges. Contact a Chicago DUI defense attorney at our firm today!