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Driver's License Reinstatements

A Chicago Defense Attorney Dedicated to Defending Drivers' Rights

In recent years, driver's license revocations and suspensions have become more and more common. Both driver's license suspension and revocation involve the loss of your driving privileges, though suspensions are only for a set period of time while revocations are indefinite.

For many drivers in Illinois, the right to drive is not just a privilege—it is a necessity. Without a license, it can be impossible to commute to work or even perform many types of jobs, and a challenge to care for family and perform routine tasks. Deprived of driving rights, individuals may be forced to rely on others for transportation, and have to cope on a daily basis with the enormous difficulty of having lost his or her license.

If you are facing license suspension in Illinois, you must act quickly to avoid losing your mobility, freedom, and reputation. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with a successful track record protecting drivers' rights like Howard J. Wise can assist you in avoiding severe consequences, such as incarceration, fines and, of course, the loss of your license.  Mr. Wise has had an extremely high rate of success in reinstating suspended licenses in the state of Illinois.

Already lost your driving privileges?  It can be very difficult to have your license reinstated, but you still have options. Under Illinois law, a driver may petition to have driving privileges reinstated through a Secretary of State Department administrative hearing. However, the reinstatement process can be a lengthy and confusing journey, requiring extensive preparation and a powerful defense. If you are interested in having your driver's license reinstated, it's essential to seek guidance from an experienced driver's license reinstatement attorney.

Howard J. Wise has handled countless cases involving DUI offenses and traffic violations, and has helped many clients avoid suspension and revocation entirely. Mr. Wise also has extensive experience in the license reinstatement process, having guided numerous clients through initial planning stages to the administrative hearing. Mr. Wise has the knowledge, resources, and dedication needed to reinstate your driving privileges and put you back on the road.

Why Drivers Need a Chicago Criminal Lawyer  Now More Than Ever

Illinois has always used the threat of losing your license as a way to get people to obey the driving laws. Accrue too many driving penalties and moving violations and your license can become a casualty. Most people realize this, but they do not really understand the specifics of how they might lose their license. Because of this, far too many people are surprised to learn that their license may be taken away after their latest infraction and do not know what their options are to fight back.

Additionally, our state has adopted an increasingly tough stance against driving under the influence over the last two decades, enforcing strict DUI laws and doling out hard punishments to offenders. Common penalties for being convicted of driving under the influence include jail time, hefty fines, a lifelong stain on your record – and the loss of your license.

With lawmakers cracking down, you need someone on your side familiar with the nuances of Illinois driving violations and administrative hearings. Only with an experienced professional like Howard J. Wise will you be able to navigate the often confusing rules and regulations involved and give yourself the best chance at protecting your rights and maintaining your driving privileges.

How Your License Can be Suspended or Revoked and What a Chicago Defense Lawyer Can Do to Get it Reinstated

In Illinois, the law requires you to earn and maintain your driving privileges by demonstrating safe and lawful driving practices. Though DUI offenses are the most common ways to lose your driving privileges, these types of violations are not the only reasons your license could be suspended or revoked. The Illinois Secretary of State may take away your driving privileges for many different reasons, including:

  • Traffic violationsIn Illinois, drivers accumulate points on their licenses for every moving traffic violation the commit. If you receive points for more than three moving traffic violations within 12 months, your license may be suspended.
  • Automated traffic violations. Similarly, you may have your license suspended if you are photographed running a red light five or more times in a row if you have not paid or addressed your violations.
  • Failure to appear in court. If you are scheduled to appear in court for a traffic citation, you may lose your driving rights for a period of time if you fail to appear in court or resolve the issue in some other way prior to your court date.
  • Parking violations. Your license may be suspended after 10 or more unpaid parking violations.
  • Tollway violations. If you are charged with five toll violations or more and do not pay the fines, your driving privileges may be suspended.
  • Safety responsibility violations. Uninsured drivers who cause an accident may lose their license for up to two years. In addition, your license may be suspended if you engage in reckless driving or abandon your vehicle on a public highway.
  • DUIIf you are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or another controlled substance, your license may be suspended for no less than a year.
  • Failure to pay court-mandated child support payments.  Under the Family Responsibility law, you can lose your license by neglecting to pay court-instated child support payments.

Whatever the reason behind your driver's license suspension or revocation, the loss of your license can be a crippling blow to your career, lifestyle, and freedom. Whether you are worried about losing your driving privileges or have already lost them, a good criminal defense attorney may be able help. With an experienced driver's license reinstatement lawyer on your side, you will be in a better position to drive again.

Howard J. Wise is intimately familiar with the driver's license reinstatement process, having counseled numerous clients to successful outcomes. Mr. Wise will provide you with superior legal guidance and tough representation, working alongside you to protect your driving privileges and rights. No matter what the reasons behind your license suspension or revocation, Mr. Wise can make a strong argument demonstrating that you are reformed and trustworthy.

Start Preparing Your Driver's License Reinstatement Case Today with a Knowledgeable Chicago Criminal Attorney

Across the state, the Law Office of Howard J. Wise and Associates is recognized as an authority on driver's license law. Talk to Mr. Wise if you are seeking to reinstate your driving privileges after a suspension or revocation. He can guide you through the complex and lengthy reinstatement process, and represent you with expertise and aggression at the Secretary of State administrative hearing. With Mr. Wise as your ally, you can rest assured that you are in the best position to have your driving privileges restored and get behind the wheel once more.

Do not go through the difficult reinstatement process only to have your request denied at the hearing. Contact Howard J. Wise to start developing your most effective and powerful case for license reinstatement today.