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Cocaine Charges

Cocaine Possession Attorney in Chicago

Are you facing cocaine-related criminal charges?

Cocaine is considered amongst the most dangerous of all controlled substances, and as a result, crimes involving this drug are severely penalized. In fact, possession of any amount of cocaine is considered a felony, even if only residue is found. The penalties for a conviction on cocaine charges are often very steep, and can vary in intensity depending upon the specific charge, the amount of cocaine found at the time of arrest, and the past criminal record of the accused. If the charges include trafficking, it could result in fines in the millions of dollars and very lengthy prison sentences.

If you have been arrested on cocaine charges, it is vital that you seek the help of a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney. You may be facing substantial penalties, but a lawyer with experience in this field and the resources to properly handle your case can provide you with the level of defense needed to seek the best possible outcome.

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, we are not only experienced in criminal defense but have experience as former prosecutors as well. This means that we understand both sides of these proceedings. We have handled thousands of drug crime cases throughout the years and are very familiar with the local courthouses, judges and prosecutors in the Chicago area and throughout Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane and Will Counties.

Chicago Lawyer for Cocaine Charges

Even if the odds seem staked against you in your cocaine charges case, there may be many possible defenses that your lawyer can use on your behalf. Perhaps your rights were violated in the course of your arrest or the investigation against you, or evidence was obtained illegally or tampered with. There may have been errors or mistakes made on the part of the law enforcement officers or prosecutors that handled your case. An experienced attorney may be able to expose those inconsistencies to your benefit.

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