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Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing Lawyer in Chicago

Defending Clients in the Face of Drug Manufacturing Charges

If you are facing charges of drug manufacturing or are under police investigation for this offense, it is crucial that you contact a Chicago criminal attorney right away, as you may face considerable penalties in the event of a conviction. At our firm, we are committed to providing the level of legal representation our clients need in the face of serious drug charges. We are former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense attorneys who have handled thousands of cases. With our experience in both sides of legal proceedings comes an increased ability to reach positive case results, no matter the severity of the case or the circumstances surrounding the charges.

Drug manufacturing is a serious type of drug crime, one that carries potentially severe penalties. In addition to facing imprisonment and exorbitant fines, a defendant may face property forfeiture if it is suspected that certain property or assets have been obtained with “drug money”. Drugs that are frequently involved in manufacturing cases include:

Unlike other drug crime cases, drugs do not actually have to be found during execution of a lawful warrant for manufacturing charges to be levied. Simply possessing the means to make certain drugs, including specific “precursor chemicals,” may be enough to bring charges against one.

Drug Manufacturing Attorney Serving Chicago, IL

Prosecutors will often vigorously pursue manufacturing cases, employing many clandestine methods such as surveillance, undercover officers, and informants. It is always a possibility in such cases that a person's rights are violated in some way during the investigation, and an experienced attorney can expose these rights violations or case inaccuracies to the possible benefit of their client. Because we have worked on the “other side” of criminal proceedings, we know what to look for in these violations and can identify and expose them to our clients' benefit.

Make sure you do not take any chances with your future; contact a Chicago drug manufacturing lawyer at our firm for a free consultation!