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Anonymous Recommends Howard Wise

I recently had a legal matter and was represented by Mr. Wise. Mr. Wise is an attorney of unparalleled distinction. There was a mistake on some of the paperwork brought before the court. I didn't notice the mistake, but Mr. Wise picked it out immediately. I spoke with two other attorney's and pointed this out to them in the interview. Both told me it was of little consequence and said it was not worth pursuing. Mr. Wise investigated the case law and used it to my benefit.Something I'd like to point out. While sitting waiting for my case to be heard, I was able to observe other attorneys try their case's before the court.

None had the competence and skill I observed in Mr. Wise. Of course it's not everything, but you immediately observe that Mr. Wise has the courts respect. Because he has studied the case and he knows the law. Yes there are many attorneys that will charge you less. But you are essentially paying for someone to stand next to you and take whatever the court decides to give you. If you feel you're truly in the right and you want to win, you need a man of Mr. Wise's character, skill and demeanor.I'd be happy to speak with anyone regarding Mr. Wise.

– Anonymous