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Delivery of a Controlled Substance

How a Chicago Drug Crime Attorney Can Help

Are you facing criminal charges for the alleged delivery of a controlled substance? You need to move quickly to involve an attorney who can protect your legal rights and interests. At our Chicago criminal defense law firm, we have the resource and experience you should look for in your legal counsel. The Law Offices of Howard J. Wise is intimately familiar with the local courthouses in Cook County and the surrounding counties and we are ready to put our experience to work for you. Our team includes former prosecutors who understand how the “other side” works and can use this insight to seek better results for your charges of delivery of a controlled substance. No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, a Chicago criminal defense lawyer from our firm is prepared to review your case and assess how to be best move forward.

Delivery of a controlled substance is considered amongst the most serious of drug offenses in Illinois. The penalties for such an offense can be severe and will vary depending on the type of drug found, the amount present, and other related circumstances. Some of the more common drugs involved in delivery cases include cocaineheroin, morphine, methamphetamineecstasy and LSD. As most delivery cases are considered felonies, the accused may face substantial fines, mandatory drug treatment/counseling, possible property forfeiture, and considerable jail or prison sentences. The lasting effects of a conviction of this kind may include loss of employment and limited educational, housing and financial opportunities.

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When you need a professional to fight by your side in order to protect your future and freedom, you can rely on the team at our firm. Our founding attorney has more than 14 years of legal experience and our previous careers in prosecution offer us the unique ability to determine what the other side is thinking and how they may act during the trial proceedings. We work to counter their efforts at every turn. Taking on drug delivery charges for clients in Chicago and throughout the surrounding communities and counties, we are ready to see how we can help you.

Have you been charged with delivery of a controlled substance? If so, contact a Chicago drug lawyer at our firm for a free, confidential consultation. You have no time to waste!