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Chicago Internet Crimes: State and Federal Charges
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Chicago Internet Crimes Lawyer


The majority of the transactions people do, on a day-to-day basis, are conducted using the internet. Individuals, groups, companies, and even government organizations use the internet to conduct business, secure and store data, transfer funds, and more. Thus it is no surprise that there are numerous laws and regulations governing the use of the internet. This is also why Homeland Security, the FBI, and law enforcement officials at the state and local level, are all extremely interested in anyone who commits a cyber crime. Unfortunately, because not everyone is aware of what may constitute a computer or internet crime, and individuals have been accused of committing internet and computer crimes without even being aware of the violation.


The most common internet and computer crimes include hacking, identity theft, computer intrusion, child pornography, internet crimes against children, and various types of fraud, drug trafficking, harassment, threats and terrorism. It is not uncommon for internet and computer crimes to violate both state and federal laws. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing any type of cyber crime in Chicago or the surrounding area, you are going to want a skilled criminal defense attorney at Howard J. Wise & Associates on your side. Our firm has years of experience representing clients facing a range of computer & internet crimes at both the state and federal level. We understand that being charged with an internet or computer-related crime can be a frightening and confusing experience, with serious potential consequences both personally and professionally. In addition, a cyber crime conviction could lead to hefty fines, community service, jail or prison time and in some cases, restitution.


Internet and computer crimes are heavily punished in both state and federal court.


Contact a Chicago criminal defense lawyer at our offices and schedule a confidential review of your case today.


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