Fighting White Collar Criminal Charges
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Fighting White Collar Criminal Charges

Embezzlement. Money laundering. Bribery. Blackmail. Counterfeiting. Fraud. Extortion. Tax evasion. What do they all have in common?
They are all considered white collar crimes.
What’s a white collar crime, you ask? Well, a white collar crime usually involves a person or people lying, cheating, or stealing money from someone else, most often a business or corporation. More technically, they’re financial, corporate, or economic crimes usually carried out by complex means. These offenses can result in the loss of huge sums of money, and it’s not uncommon for offenders to gain a certain notoriety.
And they’re called white collar crimes these types of offenses are typically carried out by people who work in offices, and office workers traditionally wore white collared shirts to work because they were less likely to get their shirts dirty.…